What Would It Take For You To Fight For Your Liberty?

Prof. James Otteson believes it is extremely important to think about what it would take for you to fight for your liberty. Liberty is a fragile gift, and if this question remains ignored, our liberty will likely diminish.


  1. libertyiowa

    Is there any reflection on the intersection between forceful resistance for the sake of liberty and the nonaggression principle? When (if ever) is using force to protect your liberty appropriate contrary to someone else’s interest?   

  2. Greg Gauthier

    Liberty isn’t "fragile". What’s fragile, is the false moral claim that it is not only good, but essentially necessary, to threaten people with theft, kidnapping, assault, and murder, in order to accomplish certain preferential social goals. 

    It requires an ENORMOUS amount of effort, on the part of the state, to condition, propagandize, and terrify people into accepting this moral contradiction as a "fact of life", without significant resistance. So much effort, that we are trained and enlisted to act it out on our own children, before they even reach school age, in order to facilitate the conditioning of the schools. 
    But make no mistake, the degree to which this false moral claim is fragile, can be seen plainly in the degree of vigor with which we self-defend against the conscious contradiction. Questioning the moral standing of the state is even more dangerous than questioning the existence of the same person’s invisible dead jewish friend in the sky. You’re very likely to provoke a physical response.
  3. taschrant

    Thought provoking question.  And he’s right about the 1775 part.  I wonder what side I would have supported under the threat of my life being terminated.  Would I have supported liberty or take the seemingly secure route by supporting the crown?

  4. Lukas Koube

    i dont think that could ever work today. the current military is just too big….america barely won 1776 and that was with Britain taking months to ship troops and supplies. most likely any military resistance would be squashed with barely a second thought. the solution to change is through peacefully convincing others that there is a better way….or moving to a freer country like Canada.

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