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At LibertyCon, former Congressman Justin Amash and Reason's Katherine Mangu-Ward will discuss how a broken political process has increased polarization

Why Congress is broken

For a number of years now, it has become increasingly apparent that Congress is broken. It has gradually evolved into a performative body wherein individual representatives are stripped of any ability to create change. A decade ago, Speaker Boehner restricted and Speaker Ryan subsequently ended the ability for members of Congress to submit legislative amendments. Since then, as the new house rules were maintained by every subsequent speaker regardless of their party, congressional power has effectively been controlled by the speaker of the House, the president, and the senate majority leader.  During

As world maritime trade increases, and the ocean’s critical role in human affairs grows, the United States will continue to fall behind. Congress should end or fundamentally alter the Jones Act. To do otherwise would be unjust.
Free Trade

A perfect storm for maritime policy: the Jones Act five years after Hurricane Maria

It was September 20, 2017. Hurricane Maria, a Category 4 hurricane, battered Puerto Rico. Today, with Hurricane Fiona’s landfall, it’s sadly apparent

Just because something’s ancient doesn’t mean it’s wise. And just because Confucius (or even some other thinker of renown — even if that’s Ludwig von Mises!) said something, doesn’t mean it’s beyond reproach.

Western cultural myths about China prevent us from seeing reality

One way or another, the “wise, old Chinese man” became one of Western pop culture’s oldest tropes.  I think part of the trope comes from

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