James Otteson

Teaching Professor of Political Economy

Wake Forest University

Dr. James R. Otteson specializes in the history of modern philosophy, political philosophy, and the history and philosophy of economics. After receiving his BA from the University of Notre Dame and his PhD from the University of Chicago, Dr. Otteson taught at Georgetown University, University of Alabama, and Yeshiva University. His published writings include Adam Smith’s Marketplace of Life (Cambridge University Press, 2002) and Actual Ethics (Cambridge University Press, 2006).
Dr. Otteson is Executive Director of the BB&T Center for the Study of Capitalism at Wake Forest University, and he is also a Senior Fellow at the Fund for American Studies in Washington, DC. Often speaking on Adam Smith and classical liberalism, he has served as a guest lecturer for organizations including the Foundation for Economic Education, the Institute for Humane Studies, the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, and the Fund for American Studies. He received a Fund for the Study of Spontaneous Order Prize in 2005, and he was named first-prize winner of the Templeton Enterprise Award in 2007.
Dr. Otteson is also member of the Mont Pelerin Society and one of the primary contributors to the blog Pileus.  He maintains a personal website and blog at www.jamesotteson.com.