Deed to Dignity: The Government’s role in keeping people poor

Magno Karl, Karla Falcão,

Release Date
April 27, 2022


Equal Treatment Under Law Human Rights Property Rights

In this collaboration, Learn Liberty and Students For Liberty Brasil will take you on a journey.

The starting point of that journey: All those times you heard that we need the government to protect the poor.

Here we will explode that narrative. Here, we will expose the ugly underside of the story that no politician will tell. The side you probably will never hear in college classes or day-to-day conversations.

“Deed to Dignity” shows how the government itself is the number one enemy of poor Brazilians.

By guiding you through modern-day favelas and their history, this groundbreaking documentary will help you see how the Brazilian State, over time, has pushed millions of people into makeshift, poorly constructed homes. And you’ll see how it keeps them there.

When you watch this documentary, you will also learn what happens when people who have lived for decades in unregistered homes finally have their property rights respected and recognized by the State.

“Deed to Dignity” is a deeply Brazilian story, yes, but its message is relevant worldwide.

Governments don’t protect the poor. It keeps them down.

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