Karla Falcão

Teacher, political analyst, and social entrepreneur

Karla Falcão is the communications coordinator and political analyst at the Free Market Parliamentary Front. It works in the press office and the production of internal content and for publications on social networks and also in the formulation of opinions, guidelines, memorials, and technical opinions for advising, elaboration, processing, and monitoring of legislative matters and public policies in defense of the improvement of the environment.

She also is a teacher with experience in public and private schools and the third sector. She has experience developing socio-emotional skills and training teachers in heritage education. At RenovaBR, she received the title of monitor honored by the class of 2019.

As a social entrepreneur, she has led several initiatives, such as Support a Family, which brought food and clean water to more than 1,800 families in the Recife Metropolitan Region. She also coordinated Free Ambassadors, a project that taught entrepreneurship and employability to hundreds of young people in Recife and São Lourenço da Mata.

Falcão worked as a Parliamentary Advisor and Supervisor in Recife City Council. Among the projects she coordinated, the X-Ray of Schools and Daycares stands out, developed by the mandate of councilor André Régis. Through on-site inspections and data analysis of the Basic Education Assessment System, the latter structured a tool for monitoring and political collection of the Recife’s municipal education system, making achievements possible for several units in the network.

Karla holds a B.A. in history from the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco.

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