Debunking 8 Lies Socialists Told You


Are socialists “liars?” Depends on your definition — and whether they truly believe what they say. But this much is for sure: they tell and/or believe in lies.

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Those lies, though, are persuasive to a lot of people. Once upon a time, they were even persuasive to our Story Editor, who in this video comes clean as a former Bernie Bro who believed in his politics and in democratic socialism.

Along with Juan Carlos Hidalgo, President of the Social Christian Unity Party in Costa Rica and CATO’s former policy analyst for Latin America, he takes us through 8 lies of socialism that he once found compelling.

Together, they put forth a combination of real-world data, logic, and imagery that addresses those 8 lies and explains why they’re so wrong … and so dangerous.

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0:00 Introduction: Coming Clean

1:00 Lie #1: Scandinavia is socialist

4:00 Lie #2: Cuba is poor because of the US’s embargo

5:38 Lie #3: Socialism is peaceful

7:36 Lie #4: Socialism is based on cooperation

9:03 Lie #5: Socialism has never “really” been tried

11:49 Lie #6: Socialism is better for the environment

12:42 Lie #7: Societies can be centrally planned

14:20 Lie #8: “Democratic” socialism is different from regular socialism