Brave New World (of Debt) | Life of Debt Episode 1

17 trillion is usually a number reserved for distances in outer space, water in the ocean, or sand in the desert. But it’s also how much this next generation is in the hole for as they become adults. Thanks to our parents and the officials they’ve elected, America is $17 trillion in debt. Despite the way the federal government has dealt with this issue, debt is not theoretical. It’s real, it’s owed, and can take on a life of its own. Watch debt (and its sidekick debt collectors) interrupt birth, love, sleep, and more.  This is “Life of Debt.”

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  1. andrei.roibu

    Not, it’s not fair! It’s not fair that all the unborn children inherit a debt and not a the gift of a better world. It is our responsibility as well as the responsibility of our leaders to see that such "inheritances" are as low as possible. 

  2. Anonymous

    This has been my favorite website for years now, but it’s videos like this that I’m afraid could hurt its high standard of quality.  This was, IMHO the least informative and the lowest caliber of video has allowed on its site. 

  3. beckyythomas

    17 trillion dollars thats crazy!!

  4. webber.kelly

    17 trillion dollars, such an outstanding number. It’s crazy and unfair that one can inherit debt even without making choices… suffering the consequences from another. 

  5. littledeaths

    This is of course leaving out unfunded liabilities (128 Trillion currently)… though we could get rid of those by cutting the programs that they represent and still charging the taxes but that’s not politically feasible.

  6. MUMagic

    Interesting video, and it is wrong to consume excessively and leave the bill to our children. That said, there are a flaws in this video’s reasoning. Because governments are long lived, a government need not ever actually pay off its debt: they only need to service it and keep it at a decent level. Also, there is a benefit of having the government owe some money, so that individuals can buy long term debt.

  7. GeF

    ball and chain

  8. juliansfree

    It would help if these videos were a little less busy. There’s too much going on.

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