Digging Out of Debt | Life of Debt Episode 3

They have your name, your number, and your credit card records.  Debt collectors have a funny way of tracking you down and can take people to court. What can we do? For Lee Campbell, he can rely on keg colleague and college professor Peter Jaworski to magically appear and teach him a few tricks to negotiating with collectors over the phone.  Watch as Peter guides Lee through the debt battlefield – you might learn a thing or two.

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  1. andrei.roibu

    I don’t know about the whole negotiation: will they be agree to loose 2000$ in potential income just to erase a debt? I think I will look more into this matter. 

  2. eguzmanchavis

    we need to stop this. we are being spied on by the government

  3. webber.kelly

    No privacy!

  4. juliansfree

    Will there be an academy class with deeper tips on how to handle debt?

  5. RastaJoe

    Wouldn’t Macy’s be losing?

  6. Thesyncgamer

    True true.

  7. Thesyncgamer

    I think there will be a class but it may take a while.

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