The Debt Luck Club | Life of Debt Episode 2

What would you do to get rid of your debt? Would you sell your childhood toys, your blood, or ‘other’ fluids? That’s the question Tom has to answer. Overburdened with student loans, he has stopped making payments, and is now forced to dodge phone calls from snarky debt collectors. What can he do to escape this nightmare? When did taking on college debt become akin to living in a Kafka prison? But with any luck Professor Peter Jaworski may be able to lend a helping hand. Watch and learn from Tom’s mistakes!

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  1. Philipe Carvalho

    This video

  2. rjh245

    So the lesson is don’t spend more money than you can make!

  3. juliansfree

    Good luck paying off your student debt.

  4. borisjvandruff

    Ugh…they’ve even called me at work trying to get a hold of me.

  5. Lukas Koube

    yeah, i wish someone had told me all about this before i went to college.

  6. Lukas Koube

    i actually really like these types of videos….i wonder why it got so few views….im guessing that the message is a bit too premature to break through to general audiences…..great work!

  7. Lukas Koube

    also, im not commenting for points….feel free to garnish points from this comment, but i really liked the ending…hard hitting and generally awesome. 

  8. Matt Wavle

    the comment at the end “ If you had to guess, which major has higher unemployment? Theater majors? Or… economics majors? If you guessed theater majors, you’re wrong. The facts might surprise you.”  gave me just a little insight as to why an economics professor is acting on this video.

    — The skit feels like my life and the chase that old student loans have had with me.
  9. Anonymous

    This video is great! The best investment families can make to avoid the burden of debt is an independent college counselor.

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