Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it can be printed for the privileged few. That few, however, is not us. While those leveraging power get richer, the rest of us struggle to keep up with inflation. While the Federal Reserve prints more money to buy more things for the political establishment — such as missiles — the rest of us work to provide them with the resources they need to build those missiles for less pay in terms of purchasing power.

We struggle to stay afloat due to policies created by those same politicians, bureaucrats, and wealthy lobbyists who instead of producing something of value, spend their time scheming to make things more difficult for us under the guise of national security or the “common good.” They are stealing our future, and our children’s futures. It is not too late to correct this imbalance, but to correct it, we must first understand their scheme.

How money works

Money is a concrete concept. It represents contributions of productivity and productivity is effort that produces value.

When farmers grow crops, they can sell them for money that represents the value they created. They can then trade their represented value for somebody else’s productivity, such as a haircut from a barber.

However, when the Fed, at the behest of politicians, prints money to hand out to their fellow elites, no real-world resource or service is being created or performed. Instead, the elites who receive this new money first are able to spend it at its normal value before it flows down to the average person and becomes less valuable as the economy adjusts.

This happens because of the natural law of supply: If there are more units of money, then it becomes less valuable and so it takes more of it to buy the same amount of stuff.

Plainly understood, people at the top — closest to the spigot of newly printed money — are able to get more, while the rest of us get money with reduced purchasing power. In that way, they are getting a portion of our labor for free; it’s an insidious form of slavery.

Alternatives to the Federal Reserve System

So what do we do about it? How do we keep all of the fruits of our labors? We can politely ask politicians and the Fed to stop ruining our money, but that doesn’t seem likely to work. They need to be forced to stop.

We can force them to stop stealing from us by refusing to vote for politicians who support the Federal Reserve and its fiat currency, and instead vote for candidates who support either traditional gold- and silver-backed money or cryptocurrency.

We need separation of money and state. We need to literally break the federal bank and abolish the banking system through innovations in technology. So if voting doesn’t work, and it hasn’t thus far, then different measures must be considered.

The most peaceful is to boycott fiat currency and taxation, and instead support cryptocurrency, barter, and working “under-the-table,” while only doing business with fellow supporters of cryptocurrencies, free markets, and the counter-economy whenever possible.

Keep your money concrete, stable, and in your own hands — and stop letting them steal our future!

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