Why are Libertarians against any kind of foreign intervention in Ukraine?

Mykhailo Lavrovskyi,

Release Date
February 17, 2022


Civil Liberties Free Will and Moral Responsibility Government

As tensions rise between Ukraine and Russia, it can be easy to fall into the trap of picking sides. But there is no good side of war, and no good justification for it. 

War, in all its forms, is wrong. Even so-called “justified” wars have had horrific unintended consequences. 

With cameo appearances from Edwin Starr and George Carlin, this video lays out the Libertarian position on war in general, and Ukraine specifically. 

We spoke to Students For Liberty alum and CEO of the Ukrainian Institute for Economic Leadership Mykhailo Lavrovskyi about Vladimir Putin, the Revolution of Dignity, and what Ukrainian sovereignty should look like. 

Mykhailo was adamant: Ukraine doesn’t want American or NATO troops meddling in its affairs. And he left us with a profound point: that the “end product of all of this is just to create chaos everywhere, to divide people.”

Sing it again: War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

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