What kind of Libertarian are you?


If you feel constrained by the Democrat/Republican, liberal/conservative divide, you might be a Libertarian. And if that’s the case, Learn Liberty’s wide-ranging Philosophy 201 & 202 courses is for you.

In this introductory video, Peter Jaworski, Assistant Teaching Professor at Georgetown University, and Chris Freiman, Associate Professor at William and Mary University lay out a brief syllabus, defining Libertarianism as a political philosophy that regards individual liberty as the morally appropriate and legitimate priority for political institutions.

They also cover questions like:

Are you really a Libertarian, and if so, what kind? (Yes, there are many kinds — including Deontological Libertarians, Bleeding-heart Libertarians, Consequentialists, and Aristotelians.)

What are the history, economics, and philosophy of Libertarianism?

What approach does Libertarianism take toward private property, freedom of speech, and freedom of movement?

Above all, the course is designed to shed light on all aspects of Libertarian philosophy and provide a deeper understanding of the variety of Libertarian views.

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