Social Security Myths DEBUNKED:Prof. Davies Takes on Robert Reich

Antony Davies,

Release Date
December 18, 2023


Economics Government Social Security Taxing

Robert Reich says “the super rich are killing Social Security.” Is he right? Professor Antony Davies gives a resounding NO in this reaction video.

We included many of Reich’s relevant clips. Here’s his full video.

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0:00 Who is Robert Reich?
0:45 Three Examples: Marked Inequality
3:03 Reich: “Social Security is popular!”
4:45 Helping people out of poverty?
6:49 Boom in Boomer Retirements
8:54 Reich: “The rich should pay more”
9:35 “Scrap the Cap?”
12:22 “The Solution is Obvious?”
14:27 How to Fix Social Security
16:49 Planning for the Future