Should I go to grad school?

Do you want to be a professor? Are you in grad school, applying, or preparing to apply? Do you ask yourself “should I go to graduate school?” or “should I apply for a PhD program?” If so, then let this video be your guide as Professor Michael Munger of Duke University outlines three “do”s and “don’t”s of grad school.

Do: Go to grad school if your goal is to become a professor.

Don’t: Go to grad school to wait out a recession or “find yourself”.

Don’t: Go into debt by attending graduate school. Grad schools and scholarship providers fund individuals who have the best chance of succeeding in academia, so use funding as a signal for whether you should pursue a Ph.D.


Watch more videos here for more grad shool information:

The Institute for Humane Studies also has funding to help you through grad school, from application fee waivers, to conference grants, to PhD scholarships:


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    Great Vid! Captures the major issues to content with well

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    I meant “contend” not “content”

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