Prof. Davies Answers the Most Googled Economics Questions-Part 2

Antony Davies,

Release Date
December 14, 2022


Economics Free Markets and Capitalism Government Taxing
In this video, Part 2 of 2, Professor Davies answers some of the web’s most-Googled questions about economics. While these questions might seem basic, the answers are anything but. In fact, they get to the heart of not only economics but also touch on philosophy, politics, and sociology. 

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0:00 Introduction

0:29 If the economy is in a recession, the government should…

3:32 Why do people say, “it’s the economy, stupid?”

5:00 What is the importance of free markets to economics?

7:12 What is supply and demand?

8:14 How does taxation affect the economy?

10:00 Is being an economist worth it?

11:09 Does economics involve math?

12:43 What makes capitalism most able to lift people out of poverty?

14:28 Should government exist?