NIMBYism vs. Gentrification: The Truth About the Housing Crisis

Nolan Gray,

Release Date
January 10, 2023


Economics Free Markets and Capitalism Property Rights
Using the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, discover the truth about the housing market. Expert Nolan Gray, California YIMBY Research Director and author of “Arbitrary Lines: How Zoning Broke the American City and How to Fix It,” guides us through the economics and incentives at play in the real estate industry.

You might recognize him from our video Dead Malls: An Expert’s Guide. 

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0:00 Lincoln Park: A Story of Five Little Letters

1:00 NIMBYs, Gentrification, and the Housing Crisis

2:00 Pushed out by Policy

3:00 The Same Approach in Lincoln Park: Zoning

4:36 Why Cities — and Density — Are Good Things

5:11 The Market’s Way of Saying, “HEY — OVER HERE!”

5:45 What is “Naturally Occurring” Affordable Housing?

6:20 The Gentrification Boogeyman

7:25 Zoning: Death by a Thousand Cuts

8:08 NIMBY Policies as Manifest in Lincoln Park

10:17 “This is great … why is it illegal?”

12:19 The Left and the Right: Two Sides of the Same Coin

13:17 NIMBY Rhetoric and Immigration Rhetoric

14:29 The One Major City WITHOUT Zoning

15:52: The Bottom Line on NIMBY Policies