Learn Liberty Features: David Friedman

David Friedman,

Release Date
October 3, 2023


Economics Education Environmentalism

David Friedman, now 50 years on from publishing The Machinery of Freedom: A Guide to a Radical Capitalism, remains an innovative anarcho-capitalist and leading figure of the broader liberty movement.

Learn Liberty spoke with him for a wide-ranging interview about everything from his love of poetry to his biggest influences (other than his father, Milton), to his thoughts on the American education system.

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0:00 Ladies and Gentlemen, David Friedman
1:13 The origins of his love of poetry
1:51 How poetry affected his thinking on liberty
3:34 Biggest influences
8:36 His very first economics article
10:51 Something he’s changed his mind on
15:47 Thoughts on American education
22:19 Advice for students
22:36 Open Mic