Brazil – The SECRET of Why It Isn’t Rich


Brazil is a massive country with a TON of natural resources. So… Why isn’t Brazil Rich? It even has the most important resource: more than 200 million hard-working, innovative people..

Yet Brazil remains poor, especially relative to the United States and European powers. This video seeks to answer the obvious question: Why?

There’s a clear answer, but naturally, there’s nuance to it.

To help us understand, we spoke to economist Samuel Pessoa, Head of Economic Research at the Julius Baer Family Office as well as Elena Landau, Chairman of the Academic Board of Livres and a key player on the teams that helped privatize some of Brazil’s biggest companies.

Among other topics, they touched on the history of land ownership in Brazil, why state-owned companies are inefficient, and how impoverished communities worked together during the COVID-19 pandemic, in the absence of the government’s help.

Our interviews with them are in Portuguese. Please hit the “CC” button beneath the video to see English subtitles.

For more background on poverty in Brazil, see Deed to Dignity, our recent video about favelas and property rights:

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