Are Socialists true LGBTQ+ Allies?

Christian Watson,

Release Date
June 26, 2021


Equal Treatment Under Law Human Rights LGBTQ Liberty

We spoke with Christian Watson, about LGBTQ+ allyship and how socialists have not always been true allies to the cause.

He is the host of the Pensive Politics podcast, which appears both on Youtube and other podcasting platforms. He is also a political writer, and his works on topics of social import were published in USA Today, The Washington Examiner, and The Washington Times.

You can find Christian on Youtube at @Christian Watson.

#LGBTQRights #PrideMonth #CherryPicking

Every June we celebrate Pride Month, a moment to highlight and bring awareness to LGBTQ+ issues and accomplishments. In order to bring this topic to light, we invite you to explore a very interesting phenomenon: democratic socialists of today pose as champions of the LGBTQ+ cause, while also idolizing Socialists leaders of the past. This is a classic example of cherry-picking facts – and we explain why this is problematic.