6 Pro-Liberty Moments in Beatles Music

Trevor Kraus,

Release Date
March 22, 2023


Artistic Freedom Free Speech Taxing

The Beatles included pro-liberty messages in some of their most famous songs, such as: Revolution, Taxman, Think for Yourself, and Get Back, (but NOT Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds).

In this video, Learn Liberty contextualizes the history and lyrics of those songs and others. We even hear directly from John Lennon via interview, George Harrison via autobiography, and Ringo Starr via concert.

0:00 #1 War and Violence – Revolution
2:38 #2 Taxes – Taxman
4:27 #3 Drugs and Free Speech – With a Little Help From My Friends/A Day in the Life
7:35 #4 Freedom of Immigration – Get Back
9:16 #5 Independent Thinking – Think for Yourself
10:26 #6 Intellectual Property – My Sweet Lord