No one can dispute that sexual assault on college campus is completely unacceptable—and yet it’s a very real issue we’re facing today.
But in an attempt to eliminate sexual assault on campus by preventing anything that could be remotely construed as a hostile environment to women, we may actually be setting back the feminist movement.
Women can now often claim that such things as lingering eye contact or passing remarks are tantamount to sexual harassment. In the Learn Liberty video below, Northwestern Professor Laura Kipnis argues that this embrace of vulnerability has gotten out of hand and is perversely disempowering women.
As a result of this climate, she claims that she is concerned about the way “feminism” manifests itself on campus. Feminism should return to its roots of fighting for the liberty and autonomy of women—not their vulnerability and protection. Such a shift would make women better prepared to handle life after the college campus.

Editor’s note: The first sentence originally read “No one can argue that sexual assault on college campus is completely unacceptable…” Our intent was to assert that no one can dispute that sexual assault is completely unacceptable. We apologize for the error and have changed the wording.