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The history of free speech in the United States is a complex and fascinating topic, deeply rooted in the nation's founding principles. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1791, protects the right to free speech, along with freedom of religion, the press, assembly, and petition.
Free Speech

A history of free speech in America

Free speech is an immensely important aspect of what has made the United States the country it is today. The right to free speech in America is enshrined as a fundamental right in the First Amendment to the Constitution, meaning that individuals must be free to express their opinions, ideas, and beliefs without fear of censorship or government reprisal. In other words, Americans have a constitutional right to put forth dissenting ideas and openly criticize their government and political representatives — something individuals can be fined for or thrown in jail over in many other countries. The

In this first piece of a series addressing myths about the Soviet Union, we will focus on the issues of poverty, inequality, and quality of life...
Basic Economics

Don’t be fooled, life in the Soviet Union was awful

The Soviet Union collapsed over 30 years ago. But, to this day, many people still defend the socialist regime and continue to propagate myths, often contaminated

The Chinese regime inherently rejects the ideas and values of individual liberty, meaningful economic freedom, transparency and human rights
Civil Liberties

China’s authoritarian export: the technocratic menace and global ideological battle

For over 70 years, China has been subject to one-party rule under the unashamedly authoritarian Chinese Communist Party (CCP). While the exact nature of

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