It’s October, which means it’s one of the best months of the year for drinking beer. Whether it’s the crisp, clean taste of an Oktoberfest or the soft, spicy kick of a pumpkin ale, the seasonal brews available this month bring us some great variety after a summer of drinking our favorites.

In the three part video series below, Georgetown professor Peter Jaworski and George Mason professor Christopher Koopman discuss the economics of craft beer. They explain how the craft beer renaissance happening right now is a result of the legalizing of home brewing in the 1970s, the collaborative economy, and entrepreneurial resilience.

In the second and third videos in the series, the professors point out that beer is one of the most regulated and taxed goods in the country. These regulations, namely the three tiered distribution process, and taxes, which make up about 44 percent of the price of a beer, hurt the consumer and the industry as a whole.

If we reduce beer taxes and regulations, they explain, we’d have more beer variety at a cheaper price. Cheers to that!