In Tbilisi, Georgia, a gathering unlike any other is fast approaching! LibertyCon Europe 2024, Students For Liberty’s flagship annual event in Europe and the continent’s largest pro-liberty gathering, is gearing up to be an unmissable experience for friends of liberty across the region and beyond!

Held in the Georgian capital over three days, from April 19-21, LibertyCon Europe 2024 expects a gathering of over 800 attendees and over 30 pro-liberty organizations.

The event invites us to explore the most important issues and threats to liberty, hear from prominent speakers, engage in captivating discussions, and make lasting connections with like-minded friends of liberty.

What to expect at LibertyCon Europe 2024

On Day 1 of the event, Friday, April 19, LibertyCon Europe kicks off with a special welcome reception, open to our speakers, partners, Students For Liberty members, and holders of Upgraded and VIP Tickets. This event will take place on the Stamba Hotel rooftop and will provide the perfect start to a weekend of learning, connecting, and celebrating. 

On Saturday, LibertyCon Europe will be in full swing! On the conference day, attendees can expect an action-packed day full of insightful sessions and debates held in the enigmatic Factory Tbilisi (old Coca-Cola factory), and can enjoy a unique opportunity for networking.

Programming will include keynote and breakout sessions. The conference will also host Liberty Fair, an exhibition of pro-liberty organizations from around the world.

The Saturday social offers a chance to continue forging connections while enjoying the famous Tbilisi nightlife scene. 

Finally, on Sunday, LibertyCon Europe moves to LoveBar, taking the form of a festival. Sunday’s programming includes open discussions, film screenings, and exhibits, with music sets, games, and other entertaining activities to look forward to later on!

What is on the agenda?

LibertyCon Europe 2024 promises to cover a wide range of pressing topics. This year’s programming will focus on the topics of a free society and free press, the threat of authoritarianism and populism, free markets, new technologies, as well as art and their role in bringing about a freer future. 

The motto for the conference is #FearlessForFreedom!

Anano Khorbaladze, part of the Georgian Students For Liberty team hosting the event, asserts that:

“LibertyCon is not just a conference. It’s a movement that inspires young leaders like us. You can dive deep into thought-provoking discussions, soak the wisdom of incredible speakers, and connect with minds from all over the world.”

Some of the international speakers already confirmed include; David D. Friedman, prominent economist, physicist, legal scholar, author, and anarcho-capitalist theorist; Remy,  a famous comedian, musician, and internet personality; Dennis Porter, CEO & Co-Founder of the Satoshi Action Fund; activist Evgenia Kara-Murza, wife of jailed Russian opposition figure Vladimir Kara-Murza; and Daron Acemoglu (online) co-author of the New York Times bestseller, Why Nations Fail: Power, Prosperity, and Poverty.

Georgia: an ideal host nation

For those familiar with Georgian Students For Liberty, renowned for their large-scale events and courageous actions against illiberalism, the appetite for liberty among Georgia’s youth is unmistakable! LibertyCon 2024 presents the perfect opportunity to explore this beautiful country on the edge of Europe.

Tbilisi, the vibrant capital of Georgia, serves as the ideal setting for LibertyCon Europe 2024. The city offers a rich cultural tapestry, seamlessly weaving ancient history with a modern spirit.

It has a fascinating blend of old and new. Visitors can explore the historic Old Town, with its narrow streets and traditional architecture, enjoy the lively nightlife, or visit the Museum of Soviet Occupation to take a glimpse into the country’s brutal communist past.

Known for its warm hospitality and thriving liberty movement, Tbilisi is eager to welcome enthusiasts with open arms. The country, beyond its capital, has much to offer!

With three international airports – Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Batumi – Georgia provides easy access for travelers worldwide.

LibertyCon Europe attendees can choose to land directly at Tbilisi Airport, the closest to the event in the capital, or opt for other options. Kutaisi Airport, just a bus trip away from Tbilisi and serviced by cost-effective Wizz Air flights, offers an enticing alternative.

For those seeking a coastal experience, Batumi Airport is the ideal choice. Located on the Black Sea coast, Batumi, Georgia’s second-largest city, boasts impressive modern architecture, a botanical garden, and a boulevard with stunning sea views. It’s perfect for a leisurely visit, particularly during the pleasant springtime.

Moreover, Georgia has many other gems to explore. Stepantsminda, nestled in the Caucasus Mountains, offers breathtaking landscapes, and Mestia, known for its ancient towers and dramatic scenery, is a must-visit.

Whether immersed in Tbilisi’s captivating blend of old and new, exploring coastal Batumi, or venturing into the mountains, LibertyCon attendees who extend their stay are in for a truly unforgettable experience.

The LibertyCon Europe experience

If the appeal of Georgia as a captivating destination for LibertyCon Europe is not enough to help you decide, here is a recap of what the LibertyCon Europe experience is all about:

  1. Meet the influencers shaping the liberty movement

Connect with influential figures, advocates, experts, and activists who have made a lasting impact on the liberty movement. Gain invaluable insights, innovative approaches, and firsthand knowledge from compelling panel conversations, inspiring keynote speeches, and interactive workshops. Prepare to elevate your understanding and become a force for real change.

  1. Forge lifelong bonds with fellow friends of liberty

LibertyCon Europe goes beyond mere discussions; it’s an opportunity to establish enduring connections and make cherished memories.

Vibrant social events, networking opportunities, and community-building activities will ensure that you have an unforgettable time connecting with fellow liberty enthusiasts who share your passion for a freer future.

  1. Get inspired

LibertyCon Europe is a haven of inspiration, igniting the fire of passion and awakening the desire for positive change. Amid a gathering of kindred spirits devoted to liberty, immerse yourself in dynamic discussions, compelling talks, and insightful workshops that challenge and broaden your perspective.

The event transcends intellectual exchange, fostering genuine connections that amplify your motivation to effect change. You can expect to leave with renewed determination to champion the cause of liberty in your community and beyond.

Truly a conference like no other, LibertyCon Europe 2024 promises to be a dynamic platform for meaningful dialogue and personal growth. 

Click the button below to learn more about the event and secure your spot at this exciting event. Early bird tickets are available for a limited time, so register now! We can’t wait to see you there!

This announcement was originally published on the Students For Liberty website.

This piece solely expresses the opinion of the author and not necessarily the organization as a whole. Students For Liberty is committed to facilitating a broad dialogue for liberty, representing a variety of opinions.