Want to apply to grad school, but not sure which degree programs are right for you? We’ve put together a list of 8 great degree programs for those interested in classical liberal ideas to help you on your path to your PhD:

  1. George Mason University
    The economics PhD program at George Mason is a great option for those interested in economics from a classical liberal perspective, and the economics faculty include such well-known scholars as Bryan Caplan, Tyler Cowen, and Chris Coyne.
  2. New York University (MA or PhD)
    NYU is the #1 ranked MA program in economics, and the PhD program ranks consistently in the top 10. The Classical Liberal Institute at the NYU School of Law is also one of the leading research and educational centers in law, economics, and public policy around.
  3. The Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University
    The faculty who have joined Director Ben Powell at Texas Tech makes this one of the most exciting places to pursue your PhD in the world.
  4. West Virginia University
    This is an excellent university for a PhD in economics, particularly under Josh Hall, who directs the Center for Free Enterprise there.
  5. King’s College London
    The Political Economy PhD program is very promising. At world class university in one of the greatest cities in the world, this program is a great option.
  6. Baylor University
    The PhD program in Entrepreneurship at Baylor University looks very promising for students interested in market process theory.
  7. Syracuse University
    Students interested in studying entrepreneurship and public policy should also consider Syracuse University.
  8. Florida State University
    Florida State University for an economics PhD with Randy Holcombe is a good option for students interested in market process theory and public choice analysis.

Don’t forget to check out the final post in this series, where we’ll cover funding opportunities to support your PhD.