Homeschooling: Should the State Subsidize It?

Should homeschooling parents receive compensation under school choice systems like vouchers? Erica Smith of the Institute for Justice says “absolutely.”

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13 hours ago at 10:50 AM

It is not good for child to study at home, because he will not communicate with other children and will not have stress resistance. Government should not subsidize in case of forming healthy nation.

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3 months ago at 4:50 PM

I disagree with the title of this video. If the state takes your money for the purpose of providing your child an education, you do not use the services they offer, and they give you some of the money back, is that really a subsidy? Calling it such implies that it was not your money to begin with.

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3 months ago at 2:50 PM

Even those who don’t believe in educational choice that includes home schooling or private schooling should understand that every person who opts to home school in systems with this funding structure (similar to mine up here in Alberta, Canada) saves the taxpayer a lot of money. The money returned to home schoolers and granted to private schools is less than the money submitted to public schools, with parents making up the difference.

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