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Choice and Change: How to Close the Gender Gap
What stops women from being success in workplaces the way men do? Factors like discrimination, culture, and access to education... Learn More
Bridging the Gender Gap: The Problems with Parental Leave | Learn Liberty
While it sounds good on paper, mandated maternity leave doesn't always achieve what it was created for. Even mandating paternity... Learn More
Playing Without Protection: Solving Football’s Concussion Crisis
Is it crazy to think that by making football helmets flimsy or by getting rid of them all together will... Learn More
Football Law: Changing the Rules of the Game
What happens when the rules of a game change? One of the most important parts of playing a game like football... Learn More
How Dirty Laws Trash The Environment
Dirty Laws? That’s the confusing part of EPA regulations. While intended to do good, they end up doing quite the... Learn More

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