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Bitcoin Revolution: How Cryptocurrency Helps Free Speech
Bitcoin is nothing short of a currency revolution. It has changed how individuals spend their money, disrupted the way governments... Learn More
Ep. 8 – Guilty Till Proven Rich | Drug War Stories with Alex Kreit
You know what they say about assumptions, right? Well, what if our criminal justice system worked off that flawed system?... Learn More
Ep. 7 – University Privilege | Drug War Stories with Alex Kreit
When you think about going to college or university, crime is usually not your first thought. But with sexual assault,... Learn More
Ep.6 – Don’t Buy Drugs At The Mall | Drug War Stories with Alex Kreit
Right now, while your car or home is being broken into (hopefully not, though) there is a police officer sitting... Learn More
Ep. 5 – Are Cops Confused? | Drug War Stories with Alex Kreit
If you caught someone with their hand in the cookie jar, you wouldn’t let them keep the cookie and only... Learn More

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