What’s holding back the Electric Vehicle Revolution?


Those flying cars we’ve seen for years in sci-fi films and cartoons? Yeah — still waiting. But we DO have cars that run on electricity, and they’re a big improvement over gasoline for many car buyers and for the environment.

Why, then, is it so difficult and expensive to get one?

This video seeks to answer that question, but we’ll give you a hint: state and federal government power are being leveraged in a big way.

David Clement, North American Affairs Manager for the Consumer Choice Center, joined us to help answer that question, too. He recently published the UNITED STATES ELECTRIC VEHICLE ACCESSIBILITY INDEX.

He described “dealer-franchise laws,” of course. He also broke down registration fees in states throughout the U.S. that are higher for electric vehicles than for regular, gasoline-powered vehicles. Those fees penalize people who want to make an environmentally conscientious decision.

On top of it all, President Joe Biden’s “Buy American” program would raise prices on parts for electric vehicles by restricting trade with Canada and Mexico. It’s a triple play of government intervention in the car market that could have disastrous effects on us all.