What Would Conservative Immigration Policies Look Like?

Daniel DiMartino,

Release Date
March 1, 2022


Human Rights Immigration

Believe it or not, there IS an immigration policy that can credibly be called conservative. It’s a policy follows the examples of other English-speaking countries, and one that would reward skill and effort while protecting the institutions that have made America great. 

It also acknowledges that freedom’s strongest advocates come from places where freedom was taken away.

Economic writer and researcher (and native-born Venezuelan) Daniel DiMartino showed WHY the U.S. should expand high-skilled immigration in Parts 1 and 2 of our Immigration Series. 

Here, in Part 3, he’ll show you HOW, exactly, the U.S. should do it.

There’s no doubt this policy would be difficult to implement — but nor is there doubt that it would create wealth and opportunity in the long run. DiMartino’s policy proposal consists of the following:

-Digitalizing the immigration system

-Allowing visa changes and processing from within the U.S.

-Implementing a points-and-skills-based system

-Expanding and simplifying high-skilled work visas

-Welcoming more international students

-Making visas state-based (instead of national)

-Instituting a Victims of Communism visa 

What experiences have you had — either in the U.S. or elsewhere — with immigration? How might these seven ideas help Americans — or do you think they’d hurt? Let us know in the comments.