What Does It Mean To Be Libertarian?

According to Dr. Stephen Davies, libertarianism is first and foremost a political doctrine. Libertarians seek a society most conducive to human flourishing amongst autonomous self-defined individuals. Libertarians argue that this state of affairs is accomplished when the role of government and power is kept to a minimum. Although some have argued that libertarianism is a cult or rigid creed, Dr. Davies argues it is not, as there is a great deal of debate within the libertarian tradition. These internal debates are a sign of intellectual vitality, and are healthy for any intellectual tradition.


  1. Anonymous

    I love how it is such a simple explanation so powerfully explains so many complex issues. 

  2. [email protected]

    Americans seem so much more apt to listen to an argument if the speaker has a British Accent. Davies always presents excellent information built on solid facts. He should be more widely promoted by the liberty movement. 

  3. Thomas Ashcraft

    Indeed, it is very well put. I really like and agree with his explanation.

  4. Damian Gunjak

    I disagree strongly with the view that an interventionist foreign policy is consistent with libertarian ideas, this simply means you are promoting an imperial executive power, which is always the direct result of foreign conflicts. 

  5. GeF

    vitality, evolution, freedom

  6. Anonymous

    The point that You have more chances of winning a lottery than have a decisive impact of “a” vote was interesting. But with this saying, I would like to mention this story too http://www.citehr.com/357709-pond-full-milk-inspirational-story.html 

  7. TheRequestNetwork1 .

    Though it is true that our impact of voting is very minimal, we do have a different voting system from most of the world. We have single member districts rather than a mixed electoral system. So in the United States, our voting system decides between two parties and chooses one. While places such as Germany give proportional representation, an example would be if 40% of the votes go to the libertarian party, then 4 people for every 10 seats will be libertarian rather than all of them being one party.

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