War Sucks, What is it Good For?

Peter Jaworski,

Release Date
April 28, 2021


History Political Science

War Sucks, What is it Good For? As the song goes, ‘absolutely nothing.’ Wars have historically failed to achieve the desired outcome of stabilization, all the while wasting taxpayers’ money, and causing sustained misery in the regions affected by conflict and resulting in tragically high levels of casualties, both military and civilian.

Conflict should be avoided as much as possible, with the only exception being as a last resort in defense of liberty. Learn Liberty believes that this can be achieved by promoting global interdependence through diplomacy, cooperation, and free trade. Alongside its obvious casualties, war invariably impedes trade, hinders economic development, and results in a loss of individual liberty.

Liberty 101 (program): Explore the fundamental principles for a free and prosperous society hosted and presented by three outstanding faculty: Prof. Peter Jaworski from Georgetown University, Prof. Diana Thomas from Creighton University, and Prof. Christopher Koopman from George Mason University https://www.learnliberty.org/course_details/liberty-101/

Debate: Is War Ever Justified? (video): Professors Bryan Caplan and Jan Ting debate justifications for military intervention. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fmdf9kZG-2A