V for Venezuela

Tired of the corruption, high crime, and poor state of the economy in Venezuela, students and other citizens are taking to the streets to protest. What kind of ideas inspire regular citizens to risk so much in the face of a tyrannical government?

Source footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFS6cP9auDc

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  1. Ryan Boyd

    Too bad that for the most part Hugo Chavez and his Socialism were popular. From the political side it’s only sensible to respect that the majority wanted Socialism. Now, that doesn’t mean that the minority can not express their voices, but it does restrict our own abilities to claim how terrible the system is for Venezuela.

  2. spacepan

    I have an online friend from Venezuela who frequently posts about how troubled he is with the way things are going. From what I gathered from him (so take that with the whole salt shaker), the protesters are still pro-democracy, so even if they had exactly what they wanted, the improvements would be arguably marginal anyway.

  3. HRotondo

    Raising awareness is the single most important thing people from outside of Venezuela can do. This issue is not only about Venezuela, it’s about the Socialism of the XXI Century, a movement invented by Communist Cuba to expand their violent branch of socialism all over Latin America.

  4. taschrant

    When will the entire human civilization realize that prosperity comes from individuals pursuing their separate interests and not from government?

  5. GeF

    better to suffer than to wither

  6. juliansfree

    God bless them.

  7. diamond_max

    Go students and citizens!

  8. kevinbuttrum

    want to see the whole movie

  9. Matt Wavle

    When Venezuela really has freedom they will punish the thugs that oppressed them for way too long.

  10. Matt Wavle

    Well said.

  11. Andremaia

    Big government works, here is a perfect example.

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