The Unbelievable Truth about Sweatshops

Prof. Ben Powell discusses the importance of sweatshops in third world countries. Despite conventional views on the issue, sweatshops are actually the best alternative available to several third world workers. Further, sweatshops are part of an industrial development process that leads to higher wages and better working conditions. Heartfelt attempts to eliminate sweatshops actually reduce the choices, wages, and working conditions of workers in third world countries.


  1. Matt Wavle

    So what is the moral argument for anyone getting in between two other people in a voluntary exchange?  If it’s voluntary, then no one is being coerced, and their choice is the best one that they are able to make…

  2. gab912

    I lived in the Marianas -a beautiful island. It’s just too bad that it got bad publicity on the garment factory workers being abused before the factories were shut down…

  3. gab912

    The thing is, if we compare how they lived with how people live in the mainland, it would seem like the people in the garment factories lived in shameful environments (which some of them really do but not all). Some were actually better off working in garment factories than working in their native country where they could earn far less than they would as a garment factory worker…

  4. GeF

    Work 4 the bettering of others

  5. Kenny Legge

    This is a touchy subject, but after listening to this video I will have to go back to the drawing board on this matter.

  6. Jorge Arena

    Great Video. Welfare of workers need to come in mind when people talk about policy. In the end, people are adults and must be treated as such. 

  7. Lukas Koube

    yeah, most people are really surprised to hear that sweatshops are actually coveted positions in most countries. many workers can get about a 200% raise by moving the a sweatshop.

  8. Lukas Koube

    i hope you do. most people beg for a sweatshop job. they pay much higher wages and are actually much safer than the alternative of bone crushing agricultural work. 

  9. Ashwin Katta

    Prostititutes? Ooookkkk

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