The Power of Property Rights

Why are property rights important, even for those who own the least? Professor Tom W. Bell of Chapman University School of Law explains that property rights allow people to live together in peace, prosperity, and freedom. They prevent conflicts over scarce resources, encourage productive labor, and discourage waste. Bell bolsters his argument by drawing on classical liberal scholars such as Friedrich Hayek, Randy Barnett, Robert Nozick, and Ludwig von Mises.


  1. Brian Phillips

    As long as we have ever increasing property taxes, do we truly have property right?  Don’t pay the taxes and you will find you no longer get to keep your property.

  2. Nick Picini

    Muh eminent domain!

  3. Matt Wavle

    I think it’s both a sad truth and ironically humorous that surfers take property rights more seriously than my local county government. Brian Phillips above has it right. Paying annual rent to the government, aka property taxes, do we ever really own anything?

  4. Anonymous

    Please tell me, from where does property come?

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