The Politics of Freedom

According to David Boaz, executive vice president of the Cato Institute, libertarianism is the application of science and reason to the study of politics and public policy. By focusing on the actual effects of policies, libertarians understand that intentions do not equal outcomes. As such, libertarians understand that private property, free markets, and tolerance are all vital elements of a prosperous and free society. Boaz uses this analysis to contrast the past and present, and examine the consequences of adopting various rules of social order.


  1. taschrant

    I enjoy David Boaz.

  2. Jaysuf

    Nogales, Arizona, and Nogales Mexico are another example with East and West Berlin. The same ethnicity, history, geography, yet one is wealthy while the other lives in squaller. The only difference is the mexican government destroys the incentives for economic prosperity.

  3. Lukas Koube

    i think many libertarians, myself included, get the sense that intellectual progress naturally occurs…that our ideas will spread bc they are better….this is not the case. the current blossoming of libertarian ideas is the product of brave individuals who have put their intelligence, reputations, and treasure on the line. we must do the same if we want the movement to continue. 

    i am deeply grateful to those who have worked tirelessly to spread liberty; without them i might still be a voting liberal. i think the takeaway from this lecture is that change does not simply happen, it needs to be defended every day and at every turn.
  4. Lukas Koube

    i hope LearnLiberty will put up a history of the modern libertarian movement…maybe from 1960 to today….that way people can learn more about the individuals who built the modern liberty movement. 

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