The History of Classical Liberalism

Historian Stephen Davies describes classical liberalism as a comprehensive philosophy, which has had implications in all the major academic disciplines. At an abstract level, classical liberalism offers three key insights:

  1. The goal of life is human happiness and flourishing.
  2. Personal choice and individual liberty are crucial in explaining and appreciating how society develops.
  3. Commerce, wealth, and trade are preferable to war and conflict.
If you agree with these classical liberal insights, you might be a classical liberal!


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  1. M L Obonyo

    Quite a lecture; I certainly hadn’t thought of liberty as related to psychology nor the idea that liberty is ‘obvious to everyone’. Interesting times we live in though, as governments continue to grab power and money, all in the name of ‘service to the people and promotion of people’s wellbeing’. Back to the trenches for a fightback for individual liberty!

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