The Harm Principle

According to Prof. James Stacey Taylor, John Stuart Mill’s harm principle has been one of the most influential political principles on classical liberalism.  The harm principle states that the only reason to restrict the action of another individual is to prevent harm to others.  If someone is harming themselves, you are only justified in attempting to persuade them.  In theory, the harm principle has a lot to offer to those who frame laws.  Unfortunately, it has not been thoroughly used in practice.


  1. citizen1111

    This argument is fantastic.  I feel that even most people on the political left would agree with the ideas presented here. 

  2. taschrant

    Good explanation!

  3. GeF

    understanding , considerate to others

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    Children watching any adult consume alcohol publicly is not okay!!! This is not an acceptable role model to most parents! Drink in a pub or on your porch or roof. Public consumption of alcohol is illegal for the benefit of non-consumers of alcohol!

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