The Decline & Triumph of Classical Liberalism Part 1

From the IHS Vault: Dr. Davies traces the decline of classical liberal/libertarian ideas from the mid-19th century through the mid-20th century. He describes how the case for classical liberal ideas grew stale and fell prey to competing ideologies like socialism, fascism, and welfare liberalism. Filmed at the 2006 IHS seminar “Advanced Studies in Freedom” at Bryn Mawr College. Produced by Inextinguishable Productions.


  1. taschrant

    Interesting history lesson.  Love the guy’s accent.

  2. Lukas Koube

    i would love to hear a more in-depth history of that 1914-1950 that he mentions. most classes focus on WWI or WWII. even studies of literature are broken up during this time. 

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