Steven Pinker: Political Correctness Might be Redpilling America

Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker argues that political correctness actually breeds the very same extremist views it hopes to quash.

Excerpted from Spiked Magazine’s ‘Unsafe Space Tour’ panel discussion at Harvard University.

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  1. Matthew Sands

    I’m not sure if the Professor Pinker has an understanding of libertarianism/anarcho-capitalism, but it is nice to hear someone from Harvard speak mostly from an objective point of view. However, the “jab” at Christendom, while leaving out Muslim aggression seemed a tad bias. I know he had minimal time to speak, but attempting to simplify history is a big error, just like saying the War Between the States was fought over slavery. What I think he should have included, seeing he’s a psychologist, would be cognitive dissonance and also blaming public schools for these problems.

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