Should We End the Fed?

What would it mean to End the Fed?


  1. [email protected]

    If you want to spend a few hours doing more research this is the best book written on the modern problems with the FED.

  2. Horace Willis

    Although I do support eliminating the Federal Reserve I firmly believe it would only have limited effect.    Although much of what they do is harmful it is much less harmful than fractional reserve banking.   As long as fractional reserve banking exists the Fed cannot possible control the money supply.   The thought that they do now is false.   Banks currently have real control of the money supply.   That is the most harmful thing I think our economy faces today.

  3. Keith Knight

    (comment below) Banks would have an incentive to produce sound money in a marketplace and not make out of control investments if they knew a government wasn’t there to bail them out.

  4. RastaJoe

    End the fed!

  5. jcrescenzo

    End the Fed!

  6. diypirate

    Given that Ending The Fed, is a long term approach given mass ignorance on this particular issue, is there any reform we can encourage or place on it, in the interim?

  7. Jake Olson

    In a truly free market, fractional reserve banking would be unlikely to exist as competition would force banks to abandon unsound policies like fractional reserve banking.

  8. Jonathan LeVeille

    I think ending the Fed is a necessity if we mean to shrink the size of our federal government. Besides, the Federal Reserve provides a means of taking more money from the citizens through “Quantitative Easing.” We need to eliminate any means of taking away private property from citizens. We currently have quite a few different ways for the government to take away private property.

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