Positive Rights vs. Negative Rights

Prof. Aeon Skoble describes the difference between positive and negative rights.  Fundamentally, positive rights require others to provide you with either a good or service.  A negative right, on the other hand, only requires others to abstain from interfering with your actions.  If we are free and equal by nature, and if we believe in negative rights, any positive rights would have to be grounded in consensual arrangements.


  1. asexymind

    Unfortunately … Most of the positive rights in our modern welfare state are clearly understood to violate the negative rights of others. It’s not that they happen to, they are clearly and unambiguously intended to. In fact, the more the politicians promise to stick it to the rich, the more gleefully some people support the violation of their negative rights.

  2. Hunter Markson

    What about the positive right to have you negative rights protected?  Should the state steal resources from people in order to protect someone’s property from a thief?  Minarchy and its paradoxes…

  3. kevinbuttrum

    YES! Awesome video. Wish everyone could understand his statements. For you who didn’t, he is stating a positive right is ok as long as it doesn’t forcibly violate a negative right. ie, tax and give it to some on else.

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  5. Anonymous

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