On Robert Nozick and Liberty

From the IHS Vault: Professor Chris Freiman gives a lecture on the political philosophy of 20th century American philosopher Robert Nozick, including his views on fairness, justice, and equality.


  1. Greg Gauthier

    Fairness Land is immoral. Not because it doesn’t respect "rights" and "liberties", but because it threatens its citizens with theft, kidnapping, and murder, when they refuse to conform it its notions of "fairness". 

  2. Greg Gauthier

    You say "you can’t always use the coercive power of the state" — well, answer me this: how is it that you CAN use the coercive power of the state, EVER? When is it morally good to threaten anyone with theft, kidnapping, or murder? 

  3. Greg Gauthier

    @26:45 – in fact, the government doesn’t force you to stay in the country, but it DOES force you to continue paying even after you’ve left. Go look at the immigration and visa rules for ANY US Citizen wishing to leave the country, or forswear his citizenship.

  4. Greg Gauthier

    @45:21 "Applying freedom of association rigorously" – In other words: I will consistently refrain from threatening you with theft, kidnapping, bodily harm, or murder, regardless of the social choices you make in your life. 

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