Life of Debt? How to: Obliterate Debt, Accumulate Wealth, and Retire Rich

Whatever kind of debt you owe, Learn Liberty Academy wants to help you relieve yourself of the burden. Engage in weekly webcasts, a discussion forum, and more — and you won’t owe a dime. In fact, we will be indebted to you for your participation!


  1. andrei.roibu

    Sounds interesting, and practical. I think I will join. 

  2. taschrant

    Working on paying back my loans.  Debt snowballing it up!

  3. juliansfree

    This sounds fantastic, Art. It was great to meet you at a FEE seminar last summer.

  4. diamond_max

    There is always a catch.

  5. Matt Wavle

    Art Carden’s classes are always very well put together, valuable and informative.  Thanks for the hard work you do.  We are all as individuals benefiting from your work.  Thank you.

  6. diypirate

    It sounds like half the books you see in the Business section. While there are many tips towards building wealth, I’d argue that it’s situational and potentially geographically isolated. In the San Francisco Bay Area, working minimum wage means that rent with utilities is roughly 67% of your post-tax income. With high costs, not including food, transportation, or debt repayment, it is difficult to see any savings. Many students continue to need small support from friends or family or live in untenable situations. 

    That said, one can always vote with their feet! 

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