It’s Always Sunny In Government?

With great power comes great responsibility. But what happens when those in power are no longer responsible enough to wield it? From our ever-increasing debt to the chaos of Ferguson, MO, it’s no surprise that people with power end up abusing it. Look no further than ‘The Gang’ from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; each time they’re presented with even a modicum of authority, all hell breaks loose. While the show is clearly a comedy, its underlying themes speak to something much darker. Dr. Peter Jaworski of Georgetown University breaks down the three major ways politics is a dirty game – and offers two easy solutions for fixing the system. And it’s not the DENNIS System.


  1. diamond_max

    It’s like celebs sometimes. They start out really humble and then they start to get somewhat prideful.

  2. Mike Hines

    So just who, once they get into power, will work to limit the power they have?

    I haven’t seen one bill in congress restricting the power of the government in a meaningful way. (say, more narrowly defining what interstate commerce is…)
  3. taschrant

    Love that show…I remember the episode where the gang made the bar pretty much anarchy.

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