Is Covid China’s Chernobyl?

Trevor Kraus,

Release Date
April 7, 2023


Free Will and Moral Responsibility Nanny State Regulations
Chernobyl contributed to the fall of the Soviet Union. Could Covid do the same to the CCP in China? We assessed the timelines of the disasters, each’s political climate, and the response of each government.

We also analyze why communist dictatorships like those in the USSR and China are inherently unstable.

Referenced in this video is our video on How Communism TWISTED Ancient Chinese Wisdom


0:00 Chernobyl Timeline

1:45 Timeline

2:54 Could Covid be China’s Chernobyl?

3:20 The USSR Before Chernobyl

4:45 China Before Covid

6:45 Bureacracy: Too Little, Too Late

8:50 The Desperate Attempt to Prevent Panic

10:27 The Propaganda Begins

11:45 A New Hope?

12:43 Why Dictatorships Are Unstable

14:55 The Real Cause of the USSR’s Collapse?

15:51 Summary: The Similarities Are Clear