The Interactive Great American Taxing Game: Intro

Join the Great American Taxing Game with your host, Professor Art Carden. The question posed is who should be taxed. If you were a government official trying to raise revenue, would you choose to levy taxes on gas, on smokers, or on luxury goods? How would these taxes turn out? Prof. Carden explains that it is important to consider whether the consumer or the producer of a product is more likely to bear the burden of the taxes. Choose wisely and see what happens.


  1. connornll


  2. andrei.roibu

    Taxing is bad in a whole, because, each time you tax something, fist, you encourage tax evasion and the black market, and second, you put more pressure on the buyer at the end of the production line. That is why taxes should be kept at a minimum, and that is why low tax states prosper into the 21st century. 

  3. A.j. Olding

    I don’t want to tax any of them.

  4. ThisWeekInStupid

    Tax the shit out of oil.

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