We Are All Ukrainians

The anti-government protests and demonstrations in Ukraine have been flooding the news lately. But what is it all about? What ideas inspire these people to stand tall against their oppressive government?

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“I mean let anyone do anything he pleases that’s peaceful or creative; let there be no organized restraint against anything but fraud, violence, misrepresentation, predation; let anyone deliver mail or educate or preach his religion or whatever, so long as it’s peaceful.” – Leonard Read

SOURCE: http://youtu.be/Hvds2AIiWLA


  1. Ryan Boyd

    It will be interesting to see how the Crimean issue is dealt with. In many ways, this is a true question of whether or not pure Democracy can work. Nearly half of the Ukraine would love nothing more than to be as far away from Russia as possible, but the other half identify with the Russians who honestly are one of the reasons the Ukraine isn’t as poor as it could be. Either way, the idea of keeping the Ukraine as one state may be unsustainable given the fact that neither side seems to be willing to respect the rights of the individual.

  2. andrei.roibu

    I think this video deserves and international prize. It truly is the video of the year, in my opinion. 

  3. yadranko

    Nice cut out from a longer original video that is such a fine piece of propaganda.

  4. Jorge Ohf

    The war is only beginning to really active the liberty of this good people, they have a traumatic experience with the socialism and the totalitarian government and now with this position of Russia things only gonna be harder.

  5. Jakub Kubas

    The Russian intervention in Ukraine is not anything unexpected to anyone who keeps in mind the rules and patterns of Eastern European geopolitics.
    History would show that anytime a power west of Russia disturbs the status quo at Russia’s expense without ultimately defeating the East-Eurasian giant entirely, Russia, in any of its historic forms, retaliated brutally with an advance westward. This counter-offensive often reached much farther than the original Russian loss equated to. For example, the loss of land that the Soviet Republics were faced with at the reemergence of the Polish Republic in 1918 led to the Polish-Bolshevik War. Had it not been for the Battle of Warsaw in 1920 and Józef Piłsudski’s command of the armed forces in opposition to the League of Nations, the Red Army was prepared to carry communist revolutions on bayonet-point to the unstable Weimar Republic and later possibly further west into France. Ultimately, we see the final result of such a pattern with the de facto creation of the Eastern Bloc at the Yalta Conference in 1945, when the Western Allies’ failure to support a strong Central European state and therefore secure it from German and Soviet aggression, led to the outbreak of WWII and the eventual expansion of Soviet influence to the gates of Berlin. Just so, Ukraine’s willingness to create closer ties to the West today have resulted in the annexation of Crimea and may set off a series of conflicts in the region if the international community does not cease its neo-Chaimberlainian policies of appeasement and mild sanctions.

  6. taschrant

    Sad situation on that side of the world.  I hope the theory of liberty prevails.

  7. Anderson Chaves

    Sad situation on that side of the world.  I hope the theory of liberty prevails. [2] I also wanna help spread this idea and advocate for it. Cause I believe on it.
  8. Damian Gunjak

    Mr. Kubas, the Ukranians in the video supported a violent anti constitutional revolution sponsored by outside forces and carried out largely by neo nazi organizations like Right Sector and the "Freedom" party also formerly known as the National Socialist party of Ukraine. 

    Why in the world is this video even part of the discussion is beyond me. 
  9. Jakub Kubas

    Mr. Gunjak, the revolution on the Maidan started out as a student protest against the Ukrainian government’s reverse-course in the field of Euro-integration after many promises of such integration taking place in the near future. It was the Ukrainian government that lit the fuse of the revolution by violently suppressing the protest. It is of little wonder that the pro-western part of the Ukrainian nation reacted radically. It’s an established rule that radical actions tend to breed radical results rather than re-establish the status quo. 

    I am aware of the presence of Pravy Sektor and Svoboda on the Maidan, and I support neither, however I see the Maidan for what it was: a democratic majority and a fascist radical minority. Today, it is the representatives of the democratic opposition that attempt to rule from Kiev, not the radicals (though the ascension of the latter to power in some regions of Ukraine is both disappointing and outrageous). 
    As for foreign sponsorship for the revolution, I have some doubts as to the truth of such claims. Yes, the revolution had the West’s political support, but little or no sponsorship, the evidence for that can be seen plainly by comparing the Maidan protesters to the pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk: the former were armed with hunting rifles and home-made catapults, the latter are armed with Russian assault rifles, armored cars, and are led by members of the Russian special forces. So who truly has foreign sponsorship? The Maidan or the separatists? 
    I might also add that Russia has more to gain from sponsoring/inciting the separatists than the West had of sponsoring the Maidan. Putin’s Russia is the same Russia that entered Crimea with military forces (claiming that they were Crimean separatists) before admitting that they were indeed Russian troops after Crimea’s fate was sealed. I believe any actions taken by the West relative to the original Maidan in terms of support were only a reaction to Russian attempts to first expand their sphere of influence (via the bribe the Ukrainian government got from Russia just prior to declining to sign any agreements with the European Union) and now are only reactions meant to stop Russia from physically annexing parts of East and South Ukraine via another staged uprising and rigged plebiscite.
  10. Damian Gunjak

    The maidan might have started as a protest against the reverse course on the Eastern Parnership program, but it turned into a violent anti constitutional coup d’etat setup sponsored and encouraged by the Western powers. 

     Given the fact that Russia clearly indicated that Ukraine would be treated like any other EU member state then the outcome was the only possible given how devastating the loss of the Russian market would have been to Ukraine economy which now thanks to the Banderista led coup goverment can only be describes as "dead" I wonder why such a violent reaction was required. Yanukovich was a crook but he was a logical crook that said unless you sweeten the pot the economy will not survive this.
    Finally Mr Kubas you are who your friends are and in the case of the Maidan protestors, those are fashist. And fascist don’t deserve american or libertarian support.
  11. Jakub Kubas

    Mr. Gunjak, the fascists of Ukraine are not my friends, my friends are the free and democratic Ukrainian people that are today being assailed by Russia. I myself am not a fascist, either, I am a classical republican and I believe that since the republic is the common good of the nation, the nation must not serve it unquestionably, but cultivate it so that the nation as a whole and each individual citizen may reap their equal benefits of prosperity that they themselves ensured by caring for the public good and the health of the state. That is the duty of every citizen, and the protesters of the Maidan fulfilled it well: they deposed a government that they saw as tyrannical, post-colonial, and treacherous and therefore, by libertarian, republican, and otherwise democratic standards, one that was void of popular legitimacy. 

    Mr. Gunjak, you say that the Ukrainian economy is dead without Russia. But if that were the truth, why does Russia care so much to intervene? Ironically, weeks after Arseniy Yatsenyuk assumed the position of temporary Prime Minister of Ukraine, the value of Ukrainian currency began rising, as did the Ukrainian economy’s development rate. Perhaps it is in fact Russia that is failing economically with the loss of Ukraine from her sphere of influence and the eastern giant is desperately trying to regain territory. Russia’s violation of international law cannot be justified by any means, as you appear to be doing, sir – economic or otherwise. An attack on a nation that is ab nomine independent and trying to free itself from unwanted foreign influence cannot be justified as it would violate the nation’s right to self-determination, and libertarians who so value that right would agree, I am sure. 
    Finally, Mr. Gunjak, you failed to take heed to indeed any of the counter-arguments in my last reply, repeating what you previously stated like a mantra, with no heed to them. I believe that I have addressed your argument regarding foreign sponsorship of the Maidan: if it was present, then it was definitely not visible, unless all of the funds were invested into makeshift catapults (whereas the pro-Russian separatists that the temporary government in Kiev is struggling to deal with are armed with military-grade Russian equipment. I wonder who gave them funding for that). I will not, however pretend that the Maidan did not have Western support, it undoubtedly did. It was favorable for the West for the Maidan to succeed in its goal, though it would be an even greater victory for the Ukrainians themselves and a greater loss for Russia.
  12. Damian Gunjak

    Mr Kubas, i said you are who your friends are, and in the case of the Maidan protesters those are fascist. I did not address you directly but rather made the comparison that those who associate with fascist are fascist themselves by association.

    No legitimate government in Europe has members of the Nazi party in power with the exception of  Ukraine.  And yes the Freedom party are Nazis. Their former name was Nationalist Socialist party in Ukraine. 
    As far as the "Democratic" Kiev coup government both the Defense Minister Rear Admiral Ihor Tenyukh and the Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Sych are from the Nazi party. So frankly anything else you have said about the democratic government in Kiev has no merit given the fact that these people support as their Ideological Idol Stephan Bandera who directed a campaign of ethnic cleansing and mass murder against Russians, Jews and Poles in Ukraine. 
  13. Jakub Kubas

    Mr. Gunjak, yes, the Ukrainian government has fascists in its midst, it is true, however, to say that the temporary Ukrainian government (exactly how temporary it will be depends on how long Russia will be creating obstacles in the way of the early elections) is fascist as whole is simply incorrect. Much can be said of Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Vitali Klitschko, but not that they are fascists. 

     I am also well aware of the "Svoboda" party’s views, and I do not share them. And as I said, I support the free and democratic people of Ukraine; in every society, radicals supporting either extreme of a conflict (in this case, Baderists v. Russophiliacs) both are minorities. Therefore, it cannot be said that the Maidan was a fascist coup; it was a coup of the general populace: with a democratic majority possessing some republican sentiment (which led them to action) and radicals that always make up a minority but stick out like a sore thumb.
  14. Rod Morley

    I don’t know how much freedom the people of The Ukraine will get when they have memebrs of Svoboda and the Right Secktor in key positions of their Govenment, also the U.S. have their fingerprints all over this new Government. The U.S. is pushing the world towards nuclear destruction..

  15. kevinbuttrum

    Will this be the start of WW3

  16. Matt Wavle

    Great discussions going on here.   Which ought to answer the question of why this video was included in discussion of freedom.  “…my friends are the free and democratic Ukrainian people that are today being assailed by Russia”   Me too!

  17. Andremaia

    The video is 34 seconds long.

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