We Are All Ukrainians

Release Date
February 26, 2014


Democracy and Voting

The anti-government protests and demonstrations in Ukraine have been flooding the news lately. But what is it all about? What ideas inspire these people to stand tall against their oppressive government?
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“I mean let anyone do anything he pleases that’s peaceful or creative; let there be no organized restraint against anything but fraud, violence, misrepresentation, predation; let anyone deliver mail or educate or preach his religion or whatever, so long as it’s peaceful.” – Leonard Read
SOURCE: http://youtu.be/Hvds2AIiWLA

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We Are All Ukrainians
I am the Ukrainian. The native of Kiev. And now I am on my [inaudible] on the central part of my city. I want you to know why thousands of people, all over my country are on the streets. There is only one reason: we want to be free from a dictatorship, we want to be free from the politicians who work only for themselves. I am the Ukrainian. The native of Kiev.