How Dirty Laws Trash The Environment

Dirty Laws? That’s the confusing part of EPA regulations. While intended to do good, they end up doing quite the opposite. When a corporation dumps its toxic waste a few miles upstream from your tomato farm – sure, you can go to the EPA, but odds are the offending party has filed all the right permits that allow them to do their dirtiest and you’re screwed. Join Law and Economics Prof. Roger Meiners in this video as he shows how an age-old, British, free-market concept called “Common Law” may be the best remedy – without bureaucratic trash to stink things up.


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    This video is designed very well.

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    this video is cool.

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    booo EPA!

  4. Lukas Koube

    yeah, a lot of ppl who work in the field know that government is the problem, but the vast majority of people who want the EPA to do more dont really understand how it works.

  5. Lukas Koube

    also, most people dont realize that all you need is a court system to protect people and that the EPA does more harm than help.

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    I am trying to find the New York Pollution case and cannot.  Can you provide the case name and date?

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