How Big Is the U.S. Debt?

Economics professor Antony Davies illustrates the size the U.S. federal government’s debt and unfunded obligations. He breaks down U.S. debt and obligations into constituent parts and compares them with the size of the GDP of countries around the world, showing the magnitude of America’s fiscal situation.

For more details on the total federal debt, start on slide 35 of this PowerPoint presentation.


  1. Ryan Boyd

    Wow. How the hell did we get this far? How the hell do we solve this? I fear only a default will wipe the world’s debt away to zero and that would be catastrophic.

  2. Damian Robinson

    This is one of my favorite videos it really shows what how bad the government has miss managed its finances.

  3. Damian Gunjak

    Your children will be paying most of it. Because they wont have a stable currency system or a functional medical industry / provider network.

  4. Josh Matti

    To put these astronomical numbers into perspective, it would take roughly 32,000 years to get to just 1 trillion counting $1 per second.

  5. supersonicsixteen

    Rough, but true.

  6. diamond_max

    Money, money, money.

  7. Jake Olson

    There is a really simple solution to make a big dent in this problem. End medicare, it makes absolutely no sense to arbitrarily subsidize medical care for people once they hit a certain age. There is absolutely no valid argument for subsidizing medical care for old people who can afford it. If they are old and impoverished then medicaid or obamacare could cover them.Obviously, I am in favor of ending all of government intervention in the healthcare system. But politically that is unlikely. I think it would be politically possible to end medicare though. Difficult (with all the lobbying from groups like AARP) but possible.

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