University Privilege – Drug War Stories (Ep. 7) with Alex Kreit

When you think about going to college or university, crime is usually not your first thought. But with sexual assault, robbery, and especially drug related arrests, maybe it’s time to rethink everything you thought you knew about campus safety. While courts don’t often associate dorm rooms as a crime neighborhood, the danger is there, and Professor Alex Kreit is here to discuss what that means for keeping you away from your R.A’s office, or worse.


  1. Keith Knight

    College breakfast- adderall  

  2. Thesyncgamer

    College breakfast- adderall

  3. David Cohen

    Interesting thought and I totally agree.  Drugs are everywhere in the colleges and it’s never thought of as a “high crime” area.

  4. Andremaia

    There is a difference between a high crime neighborhood, and a high drug neighborhood. One infringes on the rights of others, and the other is their own business.

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